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Black Milk

Black Milk is a short film based on an idea by Egil Paulsen. The film will be directed by Skjalg Molvær and produced by Daniel Henriksbø and Solveig Arnesen.

The film tells a story about the "hunger" for the experience of meaning in an otherwise seemingly meaningless environment. Set in a world, stripped to the essentials, the protagonist sets out on a strenuous journey, from a bright empty world and into the darkness, in search of the meaning of it all.

The film was based on an idea which I had developed trough a short script and a series of paintings of surreal laden landscapes and nightmarish scenarios. I continued developing the story together with the director as well as expanding the visual concepts in order to turn it into a motion picture. From there I worked as production designer and dealt with art direction for SFX, VFX, character and set design.

Together with a fantastic crew, we shot the pictures in Haugesund summer 2010 and is currently in post-production. Follow the development and production trough my blog


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Behind the scenes