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Rubik's Cube - 2011-07-23

The only truth about this reality is that it's always changing.

It is a fully interactive sculpture made out of the original Rubik's cube and mirrors - never to be solved for the self-critic!

artwork:Rubik's Cube

Child - 2011-01-11

partly a study/painting in photoshop, 2-3 hours


Banana - 2010-12-01

The motive was painted as water continuously were pouring over the canvas.

As the canvas seemed more like a river constantly in change, every brush stroke was a fight in order to make it stay.

There are too many pictures in the world. Every new picture becomes a part of the endless stream the moment they are made.


Lamp design concrete cast - 2010-06-06

The complete 8 piece sculpture emits a decorative light pattern. The pieces faced together holds up a lightbulb with the concave faces of the figures.

Single pieces can be removed for more light in all directions, even though the concept of the sculpture is that you are on the outside, while they are having the ball..

I've learned a lot from this piece, as it was the first time I actually did sculpting and casting and work with such materials as concrete, polyurethane, epoxy and silicone

- and it really worked!

artwork:Lamp design concrete cast

Blanket sculptures - 2010-04-13

The work was based on my thoughts around biography. Through life we are covered in various blankets. from bright cuddly baby blankets to fashionable interior decorations, and in the end some old dusty rags.

The blankets are nested around each other like a spiral. Nesting the blankets gives a logical layered struchture repeating itself as it grows - like an onion or the russian matryoshka dolls. The inner layers are rolled in soft baby blankets followed by a chronological order of later used rags.

The blanket rolls has a straight cut edge revealing all the different layers - just like growth rings of a tree. Not only by counting the number of growth rings can determine the age of a tree, but interpreting the spacing of growth rings can tell us much about it's life.

artwork:Blanket sculptures

the Artist and the apprentice - 2010-02-26

Being an art student often drives you into a critical approach in making Art. Sometimes making art can drive you into very restraining ideas about what is art and what is not. Usually these kinds of ideas can lead you into evil loops or just turn out pretty hilarious.

I thought the idea of drawing myself as the complex and self-proclaimed misunderstood genius-artist would make an interesting character.

Here with a loose reference to Marcel Duchamp and the paranoiac critical methods of Salvador Dali.

Follow upcoming pages where I disclose substance in art and how to paint real art from the unconscious!

artwork:the Artist and the apprentice

Drawing Project - 2010-02-18

This is my pencil. It is sharp.

A rather occupational piece.. It occurred somewhere between preparing myself for drawing and actually drawing.

Actually I got the idea partly from people pointing me how sharp my pencil was (long tip). From there I just wanted to make an extreme version, just to see how far it can go…

This is actually a crucial piece for my current artist statement: My ideas spring from the possibilities in what I do, in which actions, thoughts and situations can be associated with something existential, philosophical or just some phenomena. Like in this example; how much can you sharpen a pencil before it turns out .. peculiar.

artwork:Drawing Project

Europa Strikes Back - 2010-01-31

Perhaps a reference to the Greek mythology about the rape of Europa - which name also being used by a documentary covering the fate of Europe's treasures in the Third Reich and the second world war. In that case the choice of the soviet T-34 gun turret is pretty suitable :)

Either way it is suggesting the work of a classic nude life study based on the primary colors. But obviously this is done with more potence!

artwork:Europa Strikes Back

Room in Room - 2009-12-04

1. Framed photo of wall in corner.
2. Framed photo of a corner on wall.

A rather conceptual piece where I am exploring the borderline between image and installation. Is one more corner than the other?

artwork:Room in Room

Easel Business Card - 2009-07-17

Business card that can transform into an easel.

"More that meets the eye" is a saying these days are referring to the newly produced Transformers-movies.

This is a personal project. I offer services ranging illustration, concept art, graphic design and more computer science related things like web design and programming.

I often feel like my services vary a lot. But to me it is important to maximize the format and deliver innovative solutions within set boundaries. To me this card design suggests a bit of that vision :)

Original painting

artwork:Easel Business Card