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Rubik's Cube - 2011-07-23

The only truth about this reality is that it's always changing.

It is a fully interactive sculpture made out of the original Rubik's cube and mirrors - never to be solved for the self-critic!

artwork:Rubik's Cube

Child - 2011-01-11

partly a study/painting in photoshop, 2-3 hours


Shaman character 6 - 2011-01-10

Photoshop, Wacom, 2-3 hours.

artwork:Shaman character 6

Shaman character 5 - 2011-01-09

Shaman character sketch. Photoshop, Wacom, 2-3 hours. This one is obviously a Fever Ray homage. Have definitely landed on similar visuality!

artwork:Shaman character 5

Shaman character 4 - 2011-01-08

Photoshop 4hrs.

artwork:Shaman character 4

Shaman character 3 - 2011-01-07

Photoshop 2-3hrs.

artwork:Shaman character 3

Shaman character 2 - 2011-01-06

Photoshop 2-3hrs.

artwork:Shaman character 2

Banana - 2010-12-01

The motive was painted as water continuously were pouring over the canvas.

As the canvas seemed more like a river constantly in change, every brush stroke was a fight in order to make it stay.

There are too many pictures in the world. Every new picture becomes a part of the endless stream the moment they are made.


Lamp design concrete cast - 2010-06-06

The complete 8 piece sculpture emits a decorative light pattern. The pieces faced together holds up a lightbulb with the concave faces of the figures.

Single pieces can be removed for more light in all directions, even though the concept of the sculpture is that you are on the outside, while they are having the ball..

I've learned a lot from this piece, as it was the first time I actually did sculpting and casting and work with such materials as concrete, polyurethane, epoxy and silicone

- and it really worked!

artwork:Lamp design concrete cast

Dead Horses - 2010-04-27

Dead horses stuck in the frozen swamp – left to rotten when spring finally arrives..

I found inspiration for this motive by a supposedly true story by Curzio Malaparte, in his war novel 'Kaputt,' where he memorably describes the plight of hundreds of horses frozen alive into Lake Ladoga. The novel is classified as fiction, however it is basically a memoir of his time on the Eastern front during World War II working as a journalist for an Italian publication. He was really in the places and doing the things he described in the novel.

I lack the knowledge to speak to whether the following passage is an embellishment, but to me the tone of the rest of the novel would suggest otherwise. Either way, you'll probably want to read the passage:

"The lake is not deep there, not more than six feet; but a hundred yards from the shore the bottom suddenly drops. Pressed within the narrow space (the lakeshore curves inward there forming a small bay) between the deeper water and the barrier of fire, the horses clustered, shuddering with cold and fear, their heads stretched out above the surface of the water. Those nearer to land were scorched by the flames and reared and struggled to hoist themselves onto the backs of the others, tried to push a way open by biting and kicking. And while still madly struggling, the ice gripped them.

The north wind swooped down during the night. (The north wind blows from the Murmansk Sea, like an angel of doom, crying aloud, and the land suddenly dies.) The cold became frightful. Suddenly, with the peculiar vibrating noise of breaking glass, the water froze. The heat balance was suddenly broken, and the sea, the lakes, the rivers froze. In such instances, even sea waves are gripped in mid-air and become rounded ice waves suspended in the void.

On the following day, when the first ranger patrols, their hair singed, their faces blackened by smoke, cautiously stepped over the warm ashes in the charred forest and reached the lakeshore, a horrible and amazing sight met their eyes. The lake looked like a vast sheet of white marble on which rested hundreds upon hundreds of horses' heads. They appeared to have been chopped off cleanly with an ax. Only the heads stuck out of the crust of ice. And they were all facing the shore. The white flames of terror still burnt in their wide-open eyes. Close to the shore a tangle of wildly rearing horses rose from the prison of ice."

artwork:Dead Horses

Blanket sculptures - 2010-04-13

The work was based on my thoughts around biography. Through life we are covered in various blankets. from bright cuddly baby blankets to fashionable interior decorations, and in the end some old dusty rags.

The blankets are nested around each other like a spiral. Nesting the blankets gives a logical layered struchture repeating itself as it grows - like an onion or the russian matryoshka dolls. The inner layers are rolled in soft baby blankets followed by a chronological order of later used rags.

The blanket rolls has a straight cut edge revealing all the different layers - just like growth rings of a tree. Not only by counting the number of growth rings can determine the age of a tree, but interpreting the spacing of growth rings can tell us much about it's life.

artwork:Blanket sculptures

the Artist and the apprentice - 2010-02-26

Being an art student often drives you into a critical approach in making Art. Sometimes making art can drive you into very restraining ideas about what is art and what is not. Usually these kinds of ideas can lead you into evil loops or just turn out pretty hilarious.

I thought the idea of drawing myself as the complex and self-proclaimed misunderstood genius-artist would make an interesting character.

Here with a loose reference to Marcel Duchamp and the paranoiac critical methods of Salvador Dali.

Follow upcoming pages where I disclose substance in art and how to paint real art from the unconscious!

artwork:the Artist and the apprentice

Drawing Project - 2010-02-18

This is my pencil. It is sharp.

A rather occupational piece.. It occurred somewhere between preparing myself for drawing and actually drawing.

Actually I got the idea partly from people pointing me how sharp my pencil was (long tip). From there I just wanted to make an extreme version, just to see how far it can go…

This is actually a crucial piece for my current artist statement: My ideas spring from the possibilities in what I do, in which actions, thoughts and situations can be associated with something existential, philosophical or just some phenomena. Like in this example; how much can you sharpen a pencil before it turns out .. peculiar.

artwork:Drawing Project

Europa Strikes Back - 2010-01-31

Perhaps a reference to the Greek mythology about the rape of Europa - which name also being used by a documentary covering the fate of Europe's treasures in the Third Reich and the second world war. In that case the choice of the soviet T-34 gun turret is pretty suitable :)

Either way it is suggesting the work of a classic nude life study based on the primary colors. But obviously this is done with more potence!

artwork:Europa Strikes Back

Room in Room - 2009-12-04

1. Framed photo of wall in corner.
2. Framed photo of a corner on wall.

A rather conceptual piece where I am exploring the borderline between image and installation. Is one more corner than the other?

artwork:Room in Room

Lamp design - 2009-10-15

A design for a lamp sculpture I am planning to produce. Consists of 8 pieces casted in concrete and epoxy.

artwork:Lamp design

Mad Panda - 2009-08-17

Pandas always has this serious look on their face. I guess it is the mix of sunglasses, skull-like and goth features in their face.

No, I havent see the movie Kung Fu Panda. I just wanted to mix together a palette with attitude!

artwork:Mad Panda

Easel Business Card - 2009-07-17

Business card that can transform into an easel.

"More that meets the eye" is a saying these days are referring to the newly produced Transformers-movies.

This is a personal project. I offer services ranging illustration, concept art, graphic design and more computer science related things like web design and programming.

I often feel like my services vary a lot. But to me it is important to maximize the format and deliver innovative solutions within set boundaries. To me this card design suggests a bit of that vision :)

Original painting

artwork:Easel Business Card

0mega - 2008-12-26

The last day on earth..?

painted in photoshop from scratch. no reference used, print size 2x1 m.


Unveiled - 2008-09-30


Meta Monkey - 2008-07-25

You cannot keep on quoting other peoples revelations. The revealed fruit that you hold onto has probably already been eaten. You better watch it so you dont slip on an empty shell :)

Recognize what state you in, step back from it and stop acting like a monkey. That was my intention with the series. This was the last one of the series. This might come as a surprise as it was actually a monkey. Hah, well it doesn't ruin the series if you ask me. Made with black ink using water and tiny little brushes. Later scanned in and processed in Photoshop. The lovely paper texture on the scroll is actually untouched from the scan.

artwork:Meta Monkey

Puppeteer - 2008-06-09

It is typical to man to mimic the creation of life in ones ideal image. A puppeteer is a person who manipulates an inanimate object using strings. The brilliant use of strings gives the puppeteer full control of his puppet. An excellent analogy of dominance. The unmistakable fact however is that there is always someone pulling your strings as part of an endless fractal.

This piece was originally inspired from my data structures and algorithms lectures.. I was immediately fascinated by recursive functions :) The puppeteer concept is to me pretty worn out, but I think it turned out more interesting in this context.


Matryoshka - 2008-04-20

Not only by counting the number of growth rings can determine the age of a tree, but interpreting the spacing of growth rings can tell us much about it's life. How can we understand the mind if not looking backwards and examining our past. Trough time, our mind has become a mind within a mind - an endless journey of nested personalities.

I've always been fascinated by the russian Matryoska dolls. The concept of nesting dolls, growth rings and onions is with me when I think of age and personality.


Void() - 2008-02-03

Yet another metamorphilosophic piece :) Well, the rather gnostic idea that the body can be considered a prison for the soul had me puzzled for a long time. I used to like the idea of purity and isolation in order to perceive truth.

Black ink painting using brushes and water on A3 size paper. Later post processed in photoshop.


Cryptominati - 2008-01-30

Not even a thousand think tanks can break the ciphers of enlightenment..

The nominated, intellectual and influential practices the belief that everyone can be enlightened and guided towards divinity. Salvation and truth can not be reserved as secret information to some gnostic elite, but rather left to the individual. The key is private.

Inks with water on an A3 format. Color edit in photoshop.
I found my inspiration during my cryptography lessons.


Optych - 2008-01-01

The scopes and lenses represents an illuminati from the power of ones perceptions. The title, Optych, comes from diptych or triptych - a way of presenting art which origins from christian altar decorations. I find it ironic to combine optics as sacred effects which let us control and manipulate light. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

It turned out a little farfetched, and ended up with a design that manipulate input trough some optical device - which somehow should resemble a third eye. The irony here was that this third eye was a mechanical device which had a custom lens kit. I painted this with black ink and water. Added some highlights afterwards in Photoshop. 42x29cm


Above the Sea of Fog - 2007-11-30

As the world went hungry, it bred much conflict among the people. The world had changed since it was torn apart. The air was filled with poison and the earth eroded into endless impassable marshes. Nations scattered for the sake of self-preservation. Panic seized the masses upon realizing the fact all their resources were waning.

Those who had the most resources, naturally controlled the earth, and they made all those who came to them work on their plantations. They worked like slaves, in hopes of a mouthful of food from their rulers who now lived in the sky.

Some slaves wandered alone or gathered into smaller groups. They hunted in the wild or plundered crops from their owners using stolen equipment and weaponry. The dissented slaves attacked their rulers in the sky by becoming invisible on the ground. They took down any resistance they met from their rulers carefully one by one.


I started working on this painting slowly back in april 2007. There was a lot of dead time during the process. I had so many different ideas; some derived from older work I've done, and some who I haven't finished yet. It finally turned into this, which is a story about hunger and evolution - perhaps more about revolution.

The light and color scheme has been very challenging and experimental to me. I spent hours studying light. My eyes are tired. It is like an opposite of everything. Some of you might also recognize the weird influence by the good old Caspar David :)

Painted in Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos 3.
Original resolution is 8500x6400 px

artwork:Above the Sea of Fog

Hungrig - 2007-09-07

Digital painting using mostly two base colours; red and blue. I decided to go for a more rough and brushed look. Makes it look more surreal and distorted. Though it looks pretty simple, it must be one of my most advanced early coloristic paints :)

I painted it in Photoshop using only one layer.

Original file size: 63x82 cm (24.7 x 32.5 inches)


Journey - 2007-07-10

Drop your eyes and go there..


Originally a 29x42 cm pencildrawing which I gave a touch in photoshop. Painted over some translucent colors using standard brushes.


Forbidden - 2007-07-02

Original 29x42 cm
Pencils and a bit of Primitivo


Virtuoso Violence - 2007-06-02

Full Metal Expressionistic and Violent yet again. This is a piece of photo installation I've wanted to get done for over a year now.

I submitted an ink painted sketch Fall 2006, and has now evolved into this. I guess its a product of both my Furioso idea and my Todesengel series.

Original size: A2
Program: Photoshop
Tools: Canon and Wacom

Part of the ”Full Metal Expressionism”-series, depicting violence and expression. I think it’s mostly about expression.

See the whole series here: Full Metal Expressionism

artwork:Virtuoso Violence

Ghost in the Shell - 2007-04-08

Fan art inspired by the movie Ghost in the Shell (1995) all respect to Mamoru Oshii and Masamune Shirow for their great inspirations.
Painted during some free time just for relax and nostalgia. I was very impressed by that insane scene when Motoko fights this large tank.
I've played around with coloristic ideas, hope you not get too offended by them.
I know its a detailed film, so I tried to keep up with that. This was really a tricky piece for me, but I've had fun with it.

artwork:Ghost in the Shell

Kamicarus - 2007-01-09

Currently being exhibited at 115 Digital Art Gallery.

Video progress of the original sketch. I went back to photoshop again and made a fine art version of the original sketch. I've taken time to really get into details, I repainted the sky with the inspiration from the stockphoto I had to begin with. It was alot of work, because suddenly the clouds looked too much like clouds, so I had to go back to a more easy look :D


Duchamp Saw - 2006-12-30

This initially started as a reply to the Duchamp’s wheel. Duchamp called it "the beginning" of his artistic maturity. I call this the beginning of my immaturity.

My image has lost its vision. I’ve taken an ‘already-made’ and let my negative imagination flush. You may take it as a cryptozoologic study of the leviathan - You don’t have to swallow it. Just enjoy looking at it as much as I do :)

+ A mixture between digital painting and photo manipulation. This one went very fast actually. It took me one day and one night to complete.

artwork:Duchamp Saw

ViOLin - 2006-12-07


Chrest0s - 2006-08-26


GodBless - 2006-07-20

Part of the ”Full Metal Expressionism”-series, depicting violence and expression. I think it’s mostly about expression.

See the whole series here: Full Metal Expressionism


Elizabethan - 2006-05-22


Todesengel #1 - 2005-07-19

Part of the ”Todesengel”-series, depicting violence and expression. I think it’s mostly about expression. This belongs to my full metal expressionist images.

See the whole series here: Full Metal Expressionism

artwork:Todesengel #1

Todesengel #3 - 2005-07-19

Part of the ”Todesengel”-series, depicting violence and expression. I think it’s mostly about expression. This belongs to my full metal expressionist images.

See the whole series here: Full Metal Expressionism

artwork:Todesengel #3

Todesengel #2 - 2005-07-19

Part of the ”Todesengel”-series, depicting violence and expression. I think it’s mostly about expression. This belongs to my full metal expressionist images.

See the whole series here: Full Metal Expressionism

artwork:Todesengel #2

The Shepherd - 2005-05-18

artwork:The Shepherd

Disassociative - 2005-04-16


Furioso Deluge - 2005-02-02

artwork:Furioso Deluge

Mannequin - 2004-11-06


Furioso - 2004-06-03


Masquerade - 2004-05-12


Papillon - 2003-10-15

27.nov 2005 NEWS: This painting got featured in the new book from Ballistic Publishing; Exotique

The idea of the clothes and makeup was to show something which could stand out in contrasts - something beautiful, goth and mystical.

I remember it was one of my earlier digital paintings in Photoshop. I really spent MANY hours!