Meta Monks


Meta Monks


The monks are meant to suggest meta-beliefs, and thereby the name Meta Monks. I borrow different ideas and thoughts various religions and put them in a setting based on how I understand they have meaning to the people of these beliefs. You got to see the irony there..

Recognize what state you in, step back from it and stop acting like a monkey. That was my intention with the series.



The Meta Monk series consists of six ink paintings painted on A3 watercolor paper, later scanned in and processed in Photoshop. This gives the paintings a unique and timeless look which cannot really be defined as traditional nor digital art. The motivation behind this is that the concepts behind these paintings are to be understood as timeless. Even though some of the ideas can be recognized as old religious or spiritual themes they are often interpreted trough the algorithms and science of modern information technology. There is no point of hiding that, as a computer science student myself, I try to find meaning in my own situation..


To me it has been an interesting point of view to create these images. And even more interesting to discover them during the process. It is indeed cryptic and esoteric, but I tried to make it as accessible as possible - that without being too banal. It is the hardest challenge to use mental models that works for many people. I believe most people can relate to at least one of these monks though.

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Limited Edition Prints

During the By:Larm festival in Oslo february 2009 I was exhibiting my Meta Monks-series in addition to all the bands that were playing. I had all six paintings printed out in 1,5 meter canvas prints and hanged in Oslo Congress Center, Youngstorget 18-22 February. Read project description in norwegian.

The motivation for “Nisjelandet“, which is a part of the music festival, is to unite visual-, video- and performance artists with musicians. This festival in particular welcomes the upcoming and fresh talents of Scandinavia++.

In addition to the exhibition, I introduced the Meta Monk-series in a more exclusive limited edition counting only 99 each! These prints are still available for sale. poster

  • Signed and numbered prints on 300gr permajet papyrus classic is still available for sale.
  • Sizes are 30,5 x 42 cm including white space (+/- height varies a couple of centimeters due to the artworks individual ratios). Without whitespace the actual print covers 25 x 36 cm (+/-).
  • The prints cost is 600 NOK each. Complete series (6) is reduced to 3000 NOK.

Contact for more information the products and ordering.